Rich man, Poor man

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The Gross National Product of the 48 poorest countries is less than the income of 3 richest individuals in the world.

Almost 19% of world’s population (1.2 billion from total 6.2 billion) are using only 1$ per day for a living.

1% of the wealthiest population makes the same money as 57% of the poorest one.

According to the statistic of 1999, the richest 200 people of the world earned $1 trillion compared to $146 billion made by 582 million of people from the poorest nations. 

Every year almost 6 million children under 5 years die either from starvation or other different deceases while countries covering 45% of the population of the world have 358 billionaires owning the assets more than their total yearly incomes.

A couple of hundred millionaires accumulated as much riches as 2.5 million of poorest people in the world.

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