Sexual Abuse on Wall Street?

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Chaos has fall upon America these days. With an epic reversal, powerful men throughout the most important companies on the market are being questioned for inexcusable behavior towards women. Sad fact is that this kind of unforgivable actions went excused for generations, until now, turning point. In entertainment, politics, sports etc. eminent personality have been fallen by shocking revelations: they have bullied, harassed and sometimes even brutally raped their female colleagues. These details created upsetting feelings among public opinion as even CEO of IQ option and french affiliates as OptionMag owner were implied.

But an unusual notice is that even before the court, answering for his transgression, not a single bold-faced name in the finance’s world has found itself trending on social media. No #MeToo statements so far. Not a single bank CEO, fund manager or other has been caught up shattering. Comforting news is that women in finance ae basically so empowered to be considered safe from the predations of their colleagues. After 80s and 90s disorder Wall Street has been declared clean as a mirror. Now days the dominating attitude surely is chivalry, and one example is the dominating behavior on today’s trading floors. We always kind of knew that some female investments analysts were treated like queens by their banks, but it’s always nice to stress it out and to prove even more that is true. Frankly speaking, Elizabeth Warren is now the only woman Wall Street would be capable of harassing.

Of course, Hollywood, Capitol Hill, Silicon Valley and most of the other mainstream media are still full of unchecked male sexual aggression, but for now the only man on the finance industry who has been doing some shady things recently is apparently a mutual fund manager inside Fidelity (a tech investor, guys). Despite being week 8 of the post-Harvey Weinstein era, not a single figure (major or ordinary), has been accused of sexual impropriety. Don’t know if we can relax yet, though. But, this has to be seen as science. Science that proves Sage Kelly was a modern outlier and that there isn’t something such as a pattern of misogyny on today’s Wall Street work environment.

But why Wall Street has proven to be safer than other industries?

Again, it’s not because Wall Street is more culturally practiced in handling these things in-house. Not even because it often quietly resolves problematic questions using cash-on-hand. That’s, if you’ll permit the expression, crazy talk. As it would be madness too to claim that making accusations on Wall Street would be more career-shattering than other industries due to some secret agreements, higher monetary takes and a shortage of opportunities for women in the finance’s fields. Finally, if we still believe that these shady things will always see the light of day at a certain point, we have to admit that Wall Street is without sin for now.

So, we would really like to share our congrats to Wall Street, which even in troubled times manage to shine as a presumable source of moral integrity by merely hiding in plain sight.


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